Thursday, July 09, 2009

About Time ?!

Well i guess it is about time for my to come back to blogging again.
The reason i stopped blogging was for many first of all, i needed to focus on uni and my work and all, and then it was a while since i didn't post anything, and i become kinda lazy and stopped posting, but i have been visiting all your blogs and reading ur updates, but its just that i was lazy and had nothing to write about, but now i'm back and still don't have alot of interesting stuff to write, but u guys love me so u'll read :P

ANYHOO its been a month and i have nothing to do, i finished uni got a 4 month vac, i didn't go back home coz i'm searching for a new place to live in which i FINALLY found !! I'm moving into my new flat in t more weeks inshallah, AND on the 27th INSHALLAH INSHALLAH my family is coming here YAAAY !!
I miss them so much , and in the past few days i'v been feeling super home sick, i want to go back home :(, but atleast my family is coming so that good, i miss sarooji and yousuf SO SO MUCH !!

I'm twittering, i don't know what it is and what you do but it looks intersting, everyine is twittering, so who ever is twittering tell me :P

Last but not least i want your thoughts on this video !!
When i saw it I was like SERIOUSLY !!??
So share your thought ppl !!'


Anony said...


bobo :O

Balqees said...

YES !!!

Anony said...


ya5ee walahnaaa 3aleech ya5eee :P


ween el twitter malech :O i have twitter bs i barely use it :P

Mar8adoosh said...



missed uuu yal khaysa ;****

Don Juan said...

Balqeeeeeeeees ;D
Missed you ,, BIG TIME ;D
Blogger bdonch Sala6a ;Pp

Anonymous said...

haaaay welcome back !!


Bliss said...

yeeeeeeeey bal8ees is back!!! =D=D

jad choueri is one hell of a DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING!!
i don't know how he became a singer!! he sucks! and his voice is so ugly!!
o miskeen y7awl y6alle3 enno e7na el3arab or the lebanese people to be exact are so cool o kitha infront of the world..
seriously, cut the crap!
wajho yshahhi ta36eelo kafffff

Anonymous said...




loool if your wondering what stiggy is doing...well same old thing he's watching top-gear!!;p LOOL!!...ohh and he's still mine!!;p

anyways how have you been?!?

anyways mino anaa?!;p itha inty sha6ra gooly!!;p

atoona said...

Balqeeesooooohh !
yal khaysaaa you've been missed!!

4 months, mashallah :) lucky yoo. u aint alone, i'm stuck here too.

goodluck w/ ur moving and all!

oh, and i didn't finish watching that video.. it simply sux :/

Balqees said...

its BalgeesN
yla 3shan u tell me eash aswi :P

7abibt galbi I MISSED YOU !!!
i'v been here there and everywhere :P

missed u more wallah ur one of the reasons i came back wallah !!!

thnx babe :**

LOOOL @ jad
i hate him but u REALLY hate him
and that clip 7aset eno mn jd zawdaha !!!
and yea ybeela kfffff !!!

i am taking stiggy ya 7abibt galbi !! and pleeeez post new pics of him i want to see my baby !
i'v been good ya5i lazy and busy lol

aww i missed ya too

is ur fanily going to come here too ??
+ r u going back home for ramadan ??

and that video is sucky waaaai3 3leh !!!!!!

atoona said...

yup theyr here.. and i aint goin back for ramadhan either baahaahaa :'(

hey did u get guitar hero for ur Wii yet?

Anonymous said...

Aww babe finally you're back!! My UGG twins! That guy is a fag!!

Anonymous said...

Die fag die!! Ewwwwwww no no no no disappear from my eyes please!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :D ya5i you were missed ;p

daddies little cuttie said...

lol i have a twitter account too bas ma3arf sh salfata at all ... nice blog

MashMosh said...

lol wth i was like seriousiaaannn loool hatha jad shwery mb 3aref sho bysawi eb 3mra !!!
bad image about arabs sho ha =P lol anyways welcome baaccckkk =D

Ruby Woo said...

I'm so MAD!!

Ya3ni I know you're busy but you could've at least informed us of that. 7aram 3alaich you pull a disappearance act for more than 2 months. That's so cruel of you and I'm still za3lana 3alaich so you have to redeem yourself o I might reconsider forgiving you! *walks away*

Don Juan said...

* Blushing *


A said...

Welcome back, and I'm on twitter too. So amazing <3

Candy said...

besmellah ur are here goddamn,what a long disappearance guuurl,gelt el benat mashay amal menha,akeed she left the blogging world..


god how i hated jad shwairi from this vid. clip..whenever i turned t.v on he is in my t.v screen :$

Standy said...

welcome back =D
a5eeran sharafti.. you are missed alot..

i have twitter also.. didnt get the hang of it yet.. me will add you =p
lets discover this toegther ;)


Yousef said...

Welcome back Balqees :D
I've been reading your blog mn zmaan lol bs I didn't write any comment qelt when I create my own blog i will write my comments ;Pp So here I am today :D

wo el video LOL!! 7da muu 9ij ;\ el7md allah wo elshoker hatha laish wayd em9adq nfaafsa!?!? wo la 9ar "revolutionary"?? wallah dinya ;Pp

3aliya said...

STIGGY isnt with me now!!=D...hehehe he's with my bro nananananaaay!! *pulls out a funny face*

Jouja™ said...

hey love wb ;**
you have been missed ;*

Anonymous said...

I TWITTER !! ... kalakeelo
.. I saw the funky arabs video.. made me sick - literally. I just dont understand why it is looked upon in a cheap way but when we see beyonce shakin' her ass it's FINE?!

eshda3wa said...

i hate the vedio

ya3ni law imkhaleena 3ala the image 3al bbc oo cnn wayed abrak min elzift ele oho imsaweeh .

and i miss u girl !

Don Juan said...

taaaaaaaaaaaani ya Balqees ;D

eshda3wa said...


kel3am wintay eb khaaiiir

oo imbarak 3alaich elshahar

i miss u !

Don Juan said...

Hello Balqees =)
How are you ?
hope you're fine and eveything is good
Hope to see you around ,, soon =)

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just wanted to say welcome back ;)

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I missed you

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