Thursday, July 09, 2009

About Time ?!

Well i guess it is about time for my to come back to blogging again.
The reason i stopped blogging was for many first of all, i needed to focus on uni and my work and all, and then it was a while since i didn't post anything, and i become kinda lazy and stopped posting, but i have been visiting all your blogs and reading ur updates, but its just that i was lazy and had nothing to write about, but now i'm back and still don't have alot of interesting stuff to write, but u guys love me so u'll read :P

ANYHOO its been a month and i have nothing to do, i finished uni got a 4 month vac, i didn't go back home coz i'm searching for a new place to live in which i FINALLY found !! I'm moving into my new flat in t more weeks inshallah, AND on the 27th INSHALLAH INSHALLAH my family is coming here YAAAY !!
I miss them so much , and in the past few days i'v been feeling super home sick, i want to go back home :(, but atleast my family is coming so that good, i miss sarooji and yousuf SO SO MUCH !!

I'm twittering, i don't know what it is and what you do but it looks intersting, everyine is twittering, so who ever is twittering tell me :P

Last but not least i want your thoughts on this video !!
When i saw it I was like SERIOUSLY !!??
So share your thought ppl !!'

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'v been awarded BY 7abibt 2albi Bliss, and my love Monkey Pox aka 3aliya :P
So, here are the rules to keep the award moving:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!
1- 3aliya aka MONKEY POX aka stiggy's EX-mom :P, the newest funnest <3
2- Bliss, this is not just coz u awarded me, but i truly love u and ur blog <3
3- Don juan , My FAV male blogger <3
4- Ruby woo, who is SO one of a kind <3
5- Libero Anima , How can i not love u after you threw me a party awww <3
6- DesertPLAMS (dude it NEVER get old LOOOL ) I love u <3
7- Atoona, ya5i a7bk ya5i :P <3
and yes a SPECIAL place JUST for my 2 fav blogger's <3>
8-ANONY AND ZAWE !!!!! <3 The 2 most funniest and funnest bloggers <3
AND i have to add another one i'm sorry but i can't forgot my love MAR8ADOOSH <3
+ to everyone who wasn't metioned u all should know that i love you everyone <3>

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YA5I !!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Who to choose !

Apparently there's a question that almost every girl has to ask her friends when their all togther, 3la balhom they wna talk lovy dovy, anyhoo

" Who would you choose, the man you love or the man who loves you" ???

WELL mostly all girls will be like *in an anonying girlyvoice*" ofcourse the man who loves me , coz he loves me blah blah blah"

Well honeslty I think its B.S, I would choose the man I love .WHY ?! coz my dear IF you choose the man who loves you, you can't fall in love with him not matter how hard you tried u'll always be thinking about the man the you love and would think abut how ur life would be if gave him a chance and u'll be comparing them and in the end u'll live a shitty life


if u choose the man u love atleast u gave it a try even if u don't end up happy, and u never know maybe u will end up happy with him, and if at some point u don't end up togther then u can go to the guy who loved u AND if he loves u he'll give u a second chance and if not then ya5i move on and stop asking these stupid questions ..

anyhoo wt do u guys think ??

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Annoying mom !!

(not that flattring but i love it :P)

You know those kinds of moms who just keep on talking and talking about their kid and how cute he/she is and how omg he did this and omg she did that, and all u wana tell her is " ya5i ur not the only one with children" well i realized something .. I'M LIKE THAT :S but what'seven wrose is that i don't have children and i just keep on talking about my nephews on and on and on and on and on :S

That has got to stop. ok it is true they they are SO cute, funny, aborable ...etc, but i got to stop talking about them TOO much.


Blogging isn't as fun anymore .

AND how i met you mother is FUNNAAAAAY !!!

AND I think nerdy guys are hot, their like the new hot hot guys, wait and see ppl

AND fj2ah one my friends raf3tli '9a'36i

AND I love and miss my sis Dania ( Happy D ?! :P)

AND i have nothing more to write ...

I think i used too much color :P

Friday, February 27, 2009

Life,Change and Love

I'm back !!
The past week or so was hectic, long and depressing, but i made it through, and handled things better then i expected.
And in this past week, alot of things changed and alot more will change, and also i feel that i changed, all the changes are good, but still i don't like changes .
On another hand i met a person that i never thought i'd meet again, and this person was there for me, made me feel better, and i never that it was possiable.
Last but not least, i'v been lsning to this non stop all last week
i love it, and its one of my fav <3